a3.0 meter diameter advanced radio telescope for Radio Astronomy

SPIDER 300A is an advanced 1420 MHz radio telescope designed to let schools, universities, scientific museums and other educational institutes make real radio astronomy! Designed with the same features of the big professional radio telescopes, SPIDER 300A is a complete, reliable and easy to use instrument.

This radio telescope is able to detect many different radio sources, not only in our Solar System. All the components of this radio telescope have all been designed to offer the best performance and long term use.

The large 3 meter diameter parabolic antenna offers high gain, the special WP-100 altazimuth weatherproof mount with high load capacity allows for high precision tracking performance even in strong wind and inclement weather conditions, the H142One 1420 MHz receiver with the ability to record important neutral Hydrogen line radio emissions. Everything is remotely controlled by our RadioUniversePRO software that controls the radio telescope and records signals coming from space!

Technical Features

Antenna diameter : 3 m
Antenna type : Prime focus
Working frequency : 1420 MHz
Bandwidth : 50 MHz
Feed : Yes
LNA : Yes
A/D converter : 14 bits
Mount : Computerized alt-azimuth
Remote control : Yes
Maximum slewing speed : 90° / min
Control software : Yes
Weatherproof : Yes

Turnkey System

WEB300-5 3 meter parabolic antenna
WP-100 Alt-az weatherproof computerized mount
C106-HEAVY High load capacity pier
H-FEED 1420 MHz feed
2 high gain and stability 1420 MHz LNA units
H142-One receiver, radiometer/spectrometer, 1420 MHz frequency
RadioUniversePRO control and processing software
User and Installation manual


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